Considering Becoming A Legal Secretary

If you are considering becoming a legal secretary you should expect a somewhat varied role that involves giving admin support to solicitors, lawyers, paralegals, legal executives and other legal staff. Legal secretaries will also be required to deal with any day to day tasks required by the firm they are working for. Legal secretary roles are generally available in solicitors firms, barristers’ chambers, law courts, estate agents and in the police and armed forces.

The main task for a legal secretary is to create legal documents such as leases, wills and other contracts as required. Legal Secretaries often carry out work using recorded tapes from Dictaphones provided by solicitors. The tapes are then used to help the legal secretary create letters.

Other duties of a legal secretary include dealing with telephone enquiries creating faxes and sending emails. A legal secretary will also be responsible for organising the diary of the solicitor and pencilling in any appointments and court appearances as required. Some record keeping and control of petty cash is also often left to legal secretaries. Occasionally attending police cells or court with the solicitor may also be required. As well as these duties legal secretaries will also carry out any clerical work that is required.

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Law Offices Of Alg And Associates – Loan Modification

The Law Offices of ALG and Associates Loan Modification

How Do I Choose the Right Law Firm for a Loan Modification?

The Law Offices of ALG and Associates is a Professional Law Firm – legal experts in Real Estate Law, offering Legal Representation of Non-Advanced Fee Loan Modifications, Commercial Workouts, Litigation, Short Sales, Bankruptcy, and Debt Settlement.

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Legal Guardianship Entails Great Responsibility

If you are requesting legal guardianship over an individual, you need to understand that being a guardian is a great responsibility. The probate court oversees the petition process. You need to petition for guardianship with the probate court in the area where the person you want guardianship over resides.

The court where the person resides is said to have jurisdiction over the case. You need to show the person is incapacitated, that is, that the person cannot take care of himself. In many cases, adult children are finding it necessary to ask for guardianship over their aging parents who no longer care for themselves.

But realize that you will have many duties as a guardian. You are responsible for his living arrangements. You need to provide a safe and comfortable place for him to live. You need to choose a place that has the minimal living restrictions. This means if he or she can live well in an assisted living quarters, you will not be allowed to confine him or her to a nursing home.

Home Advocate Trustees

The tidal wave of foreclosure properties has definitely changed the landscape for Realtors. In my 21 years as broker, there has never been a time when the need to understand the short sale process has been more urgent. Unfortunately, understanding the process is vastly different than being successful at closing short sales. The National Association of Realtors just released a report which shows that only 15% of short sale listings actually consummate in a closing. That means we are wasting a lot of time on deals that we never get paid on. What is wrong with the system? I recently asked this question of Paul Pritchard, CEO of Home Advocate Trustees, a defaulted property acquisition company based in Seattle, Washington.

The core problem is two-fold. First, when you are working on a short sale as a Realtor in a traditional fashion, the lender has all of the leverage. Their word is final, and negotiations are very limited. Second, the sheer volume if defaulted properties has completely overwhelmed their systems. There is nothing that we can do about the second issue, but we can and do affect our leverage with the bank by an aggressive legal defense that puts the leverage on our side, and gets us results.

By approaching the banks from the legal side, Pauls company is able to bypass the loss mitigation departments, and deal directly with the legal departments at the banks. The result, My Pritchard says, is a much higher success rate. When a seller assigns their property to our company, we immediately begin a legal defense that gives us leverage. We demand the seller produce the original note, and in some cases we also do a forensic audit on the loan to look for TILA, RESPA and various other violations. Because we are the new title holder, we now have legal standing and rights and we aggressively defend these rights. What is our goal? To stop the foreclosure process for the seller, and to buy the paper or the actual note directly from the banks. Whats the outcome? Same result to the seller as a short sale, but we do all the work and our success rate is better than 90%

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GM Sued Under Lemon Law

While Toyota is definitely taking the brunt of recalls lately, other vehicle manufacturers have troubles of their own: GM is currently being sued over a 2009 Chevrolet. The owner of the Chevrolet claims he experienced repeated problems that caused him to fear for his safety.

This is not the first time GM has been sued for safety issues – in 2009 a wrongful death suit was filed against them for defective seat belts. 2009 also saw a recall of almost 1.5 million mid- and full-size Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles because of an engine oil leak problem that could pose a fire risk.

This kind of defect in a vehicle is precisely what the lemon law is about. It protects consumers from the harm or loss caused by purchasing a defective vehicle. Who has what rights and what duties in lemon law matters? It seems clear. The consumer has the duty to present the vehicle to the manufacturer or its representative, the dealership, in order that they are able to diagnose the defect and repair it. Along with the duty, the consumer has a right to expect the dealership to repair the vehicle honestly and expeditiously.

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